Customs clearance in the direction of importation is preceded by the presentation of the customs goods to customs, which we do with our authorized consignee license. We will then register the goods thanks to our temporary storage permit. In this case, the customs guarantee with which the customs goods have been received will be released, and from now on the guarantee amount of our comprehensive guarantee will provide a guarantee until the final payment of the customs duty. For this purpose, we operate our temporary storage warehouse approved by NAV at our site.

In practice, this looks like the means of transport arrives at our premises with the customs goods to be cleared, we arrive at the same time as the forwarding guarantee is released and then start release for free circulation. the goods can be shipped out as domestic goods. As we carry out the whole process at our site with our own permits, we are much faster and more flexible than when, for example, the arrival takes place at one of the NAV branches.

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