It is the vision and mission of our 13 people team to prove to our customers through our reliable, fast and quality services that this triple really exists.

We overthrow obsolete, cumbersome professional dogmas based on 25 years of custom experience that were thought to work well. With innovative systems and methods, we make administration easier and more efficient for our partners.

About our products

We provide personalized individual customs brokerage services for companies engaged in export-import activities. In each case, our experienced, cooperating team represents its customers in such a way that they receive the most optimal treatment. We provide our services in accordance with the needs of our clients and the own system operated by them.

This is how we train our colleagues

Our team is visited by coach twice a week, 1-2 hours per person. We develop managers with special attention to current needs. Most recently, we chose Dale Carnegie leadership training.

How can employees get involved in the life of the company?

In addition to brainstorming sessions, we usually have team and personal discussions. Everyone can express their position, views, feelings, opinions and ideas. We also consult while working.

Properties we value

Team spirit, adaptability, empathy, selflessness, humor.

Office life image

We work in an open office system, we strive to be direct, honest and transparent. At the moment, given the epidemic situation, in an unfortunate way, immediacy has been lost, but we very much hope that it will not last long and that we can be ourselves again.

Our favorite office tools


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