Deferred payment option

We can provide our reliable partners with the possibility of deferred customs payment based on individual agreements and conditions.

Our service offers many benefits to importers or shippers who receive import shipments daily:

  • Fast: it is not necessary to ensure in advance for each item that the amount of duty arrives in advance because our customs agency ensures fast and accurate payment
  • Simple: thanks to our collection package payment system, it is possible to pay for several items with one transfer
  • Predictable: If an adjustment is required (e.g., in case of exchange rate change), it does not affect the customs clearance process.
  • Secure: customs payments are complicated regardless of their own banking and financial system and daily financial liquidity.
  • Flexible: the items to be paid do not have to be carried through the company's financial system one by one, but the payment of the items to be paid in the time interval set in the agreement can be made in packages. This is very advantageous from the point of view that day-to-day customs matters can be carried out without the presence or involvement of the responsible person with the right to sign.


  • When performing customs clearance, our customs administrators take care of securing the customs burden and releasing the goods.
  • Our finances will send a detailed summary of the items to be paid in the time interval set out in the agreement, indicating the payment deadline, and enclosing the documents and certificates required for settlement.
  • The importer shall pay the collected customs duties in a single amount.

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